> May 31, 2005

Cybernetic Childcare

[After Gutenberg] As a follow-up to Monkey Clutching Surrogates, I followed a pointer from Danny Ayers to a story by Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, about the relationship between his kids, him and the massively popular, robot vacuum cleaner, Roomba.

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Self (?) Replicating

[After Gutenberg] Slashdot points to an ABC News story about self-replicating robots at Cornell.

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May 31, 2005

Cybernetic Childcare

[After Gutenberg] As a follow-up to Monkey Clutching Surrogates, I followed a pointer from Danny Ayers to a story by Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, about the relationship between his kids, him and the massively popular, robot vacuum cleaner, Roomba.

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Self (?) Replicating

[After Gutenberg] Slashdot points to an ABC News story about self-replicating robots at Cornell.

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Lisp still rules

My Dog II - Marc Eisenstadt's Home Page Blog at The Open University UK[My Dog II - Marc Eisenstadt's Home Page Blog at The Open University UK] Udell writes, in praise of dynamic languages and language-writing-languages): The notion of custom-built “little languages” goes all the way back...

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Cybernetics and the birth of family therapy

[feeding the mysteron] Which brings us to ecosystemic theory in psychology and its links with cybernetics. There were numerous well-known pioneers involved in the development of cybernetics - Nobert Wiener, John von Neumann, Warren McCulloch, Walter Pitts, Von Foerster, Maturana, Gregory Bateson, and numerous others. The field of scientific cybernetics, practically founded by Wiener through publication of his seminal work in 1948, Cybernetics: or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, became one important branch of the burgeoning frontier of cybernetics. The scientific branch looked at control in machines, finding most of its early data in the focuses of war - notably guided missiles.

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Microsoft Uber Alles

[After Gutenberg] The 2005 RoboCup US Open wrapped up today in Atlanta, Georgia. The American entry from the University of Texas fell 2-0 in robot soccer to the powerhouse German squad, the MicroSoft HellHounds.

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The fusion of man and machine [AiKnowledge.::I Think, I Do, Therefore I Exist::.] By 2020 exciting advances in bio-interfacing will make it possible for a wider range of diseases to be treated electronically.

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Cellphone ”” The Next Generation

[After Gutenberg] Rajesh, via the Pondering Primate, points to a Newsweek article about the potential for mobile phones to “leapfrog” not only digital cameras (84 million phones with digital cameras were shipped last year) but also personal computers. “This phone will be your alter ego,” says Hartmut Esslinger, Frog Design founder. Esslinger refers to his “petfrog”, a Phone of the Future, that Newsweek Next Frontiers invited him to design from scratch basing it upon what might be feasible with existing technology. The touch screen of this mockup can display currently common interfaces, e.g., keypad to keyboard to mouse pad or game console. Other versatility includes the ability to accept a variety of “smart card” enhancements. Today’s most sophisticated phones have the processing power of a mid-1990s PC while consuming 100 times less electricity. And more and more of today’s phones have computerlike features, allowing their owners to send e-mail, browse...

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May 30, 2005

The biology of cyberspace [AiKnowledge.::I Think, I Do, Therefore I Exist::.] Beyond blogging, e-mailing, webcasting, browsing, and gaming, something wonderful and deep is happening in the cyberworld of PCs, users and the Internet. Outwardly, cyberspace appears as pixels and tones on PC desktops and cell phone displays. But these are merely windows into an amazing world that has organically grown up over the past 50 years into an evolving web of diverse and complex interactions of functions, information, and users.

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Further Reflections on the Turing Test: An Excerpt from Douglas Hofstadter’s Metamagical Themas

[Qualia] Since the last reference in this blog to the Turing Test generated some interest, I thought I would submit this excerpt from Metamagical Themas for you. It is taken from a chapter entitled “A Coffeehouse Conversation on the Turing Test". We join three students, Chris, Sandy, and Pat, in a conversation already in progress:

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How to breed robots [AiKnowledge.::I Think, I Do, Therefore I Exist::.] A group of scientists has made an advance in 'artificial life' by building a machine that can replicate itself, reports Roger Highfield

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New to the Grimm Brothers

plustech_fi_walker_120.jpg[After Gutenberg] Imagine Hansel and Gretel going for a quiet walk in the woods and encountering a Walking Forest Machine.

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Caution! Student Droidver

[After Gutenberg] Today Sebastian Thrun, the head of the Stanford AI Lab, spoke on the probabilistic (R)evolution in robotics, and he showed several of his robots, culminating with the big one, Stanley, pictured above.

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May 29, 2005

Silent Speech Technology

Minding the Planet[Minding the Planet] NASA's research on subvocalization technology is moving forward. Their system intercepts nerve signals to the vocal cords before the speaker makes a sound and then figures out what words they signify. This technology will enable people to speak silently on the phone or to their computers, without moving their lips or making a sound. It's almost telepathy.

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Building robots with people in mind [AiKnowledge.::I Think, I Do, Therefore I Exist::.] n the isolated, otherworldly landscape of Utah's painted desert, NASA scientist William J. Clancey made an important breakthrough about how to create robots to assist astronauts on a future mission to Mars.

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roboti_cs_siue_edu_group.gif[After Gutenberg] Since I have been perusing Flickr daily, I have begun to imagine owning my own GERP — GIMP Enhanced Robot Photographer. As one vendor proclaims, “Think of this as the Erector set of the 21st Century.”

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Meet Nico

[After Gutenberg] Historical Nudist Abduction Originally uploaded by Escargot. Singularity News for Sunday, April 24, 2005, has for Sunday, April 24, 2005, has an interesting post about the Computer Science Department at Yale...

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May 28, 2005

AI's Next Brain Wave

[AiKnowledge.::I Think, I Do, Therefore I Exist::.] Artificial intelligence, a field that has tantalized social scientists and high-tech researchers since the dawn of the computer industry, had lost its sex appeal by the start of the last decade. After a speculative boom in the '80s, attempts to encode humanlike intelligence into systems that could categorize concepts and relate them to each other didn't really pan out, and "expert systems" packed with rules derived from human authorities couldn't translate their expertise into areas beyond the subject matter for which they were programmed. Even when Deep Blue, an IBM chess-playing computer that could evaluate some 200 million board positions per second, defeated grand master Gary Kasparov in 1997, the triumph didn't lead to an artificial-intelligence renaissance.

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Robots and People

[After Gutenberg] As the world’s demographics shift in the next half century, robots can be useful in fields such as manufacturing, agriculture and elderly assistance. Brooks imagines being able to roboticize large agriculture machines for the maintenance of individual plants. Such robots could do menial and time-consuming tasks like pruning and picking. — Brooks Forecasts Future of Robotic Technology

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asimode_running.jpg[After Gutenberg] This animation of Honda’s ASIMO running. Looks to be a RoboCup contender!

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May 27, 2005

Hospital Gets Medical Simulator Baby

[MAKE: Blog] As Dr. Craig Kizewic worked on the infant, the heart rate began to drop and oxygen levels were declining, but quick work saved the baby. The baby was a new interactive medical simulator known as BabySIM. At 21 pounds and 28 inches in length, BabySIM has the physical characteristics of a three- to six-month old infant, but its fat little belly is stuffed full of computer parts.

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ACA: Workshop on AC and its application

[P.S.:] Funny, I am in the program commitee without anybody ever telling me. No problem, I am happy to be in the list and happy to help. But it did surprise me quite a bit.

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rapid prototype hexapod from gfixler[Scuffletown] I can dig the hexapod scene.

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Heath Kit, I Hardly Knew Ya

[After Gutenberg] “Dan, I am here on the floor of the 2007 Ultra-Violent and Truly Despicable Gamers Convention with skaz… Hello, Dan, can you hear me?” (Thinks: “Why do I get this and Robo-One-Zee gets the choice assignments?”)

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Halt! Who Goes There?

[After Gutenberg] “Robots with weapons mounted on their frames are each expected to be able to observe from 2 and 1 kilometers during the day and night, respectively, and will have the capability to record voices and take pictures in a 180-degree circle.”

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May 26, 2005

The Robot’s Rebellion

[Qualia] Next, Lipson hopes to test whether un-programmed versions of the cubes could evolve the ability to self-replicate, by having random changes introduced to their electronic DNA. “It would be interesting to see if they spontaneously learn how to self-reproduce using evolutionary principles,” he says…Such studies may trouble those who fear that tiny self-replicating robots will one day run riot, as they do in thrillers such as Michael Crichton’s Prey…But Lipson adds that there really is no need to worry. “I don’t think we’re anywhere near that,” he says.

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Gundams for Sale

MAKE: Blog [MAKE: Blog] Uber-Review writes "If you're in the market for your very own walking robot, Masaaki Nagumo has you covered. His robot, the single-seat Land Walker robot, standing 3.4 meters high and weighing 1 ton, can walk forward, backward or sideways at 1.5 kph by operating four pedals, and shoots sponge bullets from two air guns installed beside the cockpit. He says he'll make you one for only the low price of $300,000 U.S. The price will be lowered if enough people place orders. So go ahead and convince a buddy or better yet, get his and hers".

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New Roomba - The Scooba

MAKE: Blog [MAKE: Blog] The Clorox Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer products with fiscal year 2004 revenues of $4.2 billion. Clorox markets some of consumers' most trusted and recognized brand names, including its namesake bleach and cleaning products, Armor All® and STP® auto care products, Fresh Step® and Scoop Away® cat litters, Kingsford® charcoal briquets, Hidden Valley® and K C Masterpiece® dressings and sauces, Brita® water-filtration systems, and Glad® bags, wraps and containers. With 8,600 employees worldwide, the company manufactures products in 25 countries and markets them in more than 100 countries. Clorox is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where its employees work and live.

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Stanford and Volkswagen Create Autonomous Vehicle

[Computer Alchemy] nght2000 writes "Stanford University has created an autonomous driving robot to compete in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Race. The race will be held...

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ExtremeTech Author is Now a MythBuster

Chris Webb's ExtremeTech Blog - Books, Hacks, Mods, Technology and General Geekiness [Chris Webb's ExtremeTech Blog - Books, Hacks, Mods, Technology and General Geekiness] ExtremeTech Author is Now a MythBuster Grant Imahara, author of ExtremeTech's Kickin' Bot has left George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic, to join the Discovery Channel's MythBusters.

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Scientists Create Robots That Self-replicate

Science News Blog * Science News and Trends * [Science News Blog * Science News and Trends *] A group of scientists at the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab have invented a way for robots to self-replicate. The scientists say an advanced form of the technology might allow robots to repair themselves which could be very useful on a robot-only space mission where there are no humans to repair damaged robots.

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Make: magazine

[Bits of Life] I haven't seen this at the newstand lately, mainly because I haven't been looking, but I'll likely grab a copy of Make: next time I go by Chapters...

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Klaatu Barada Nikto

[The Sudden Curve] In the '50s to get really huge military-style reactions from the folks in DC took the threat of international communism, or a giant menacing space robot with a murderous death ray (in the movies).

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Say Hello To Scooba

[mip's scan] An excellent addition to anyone who is into building mobile robots. Offers a lot to think about and provides good info on control, navigation, and sensor interfacing which are some of the more complex issues to deal with. (****)

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Tech brain implant reads man's mind [AiKnowledge.::I Think, I Do, Therefore I Exist::.] Cybernetics - the fusion of human beings and technology - is helping one paralysed man control his environment by connecting his brain to his PC.

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Bionic suit offers wearers super-strength [TeamDroid] Simply amazing… All these need are a tiny powersupply that has like a 50KW/1Kg power ratio and your off to the races! Army of power enhanced troops marching into combat in what would amount to a personal tank that can walk up (re-enforced no doubt) stairs and still be humanoid. Starship Troopers meets every power suited anime show.

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Lawrence of Cybernetica

[After Gutenberg] rock_em_sock_em by Eric Joyner Slashdot (for all your robo-jock news) asks us, after camel riding robots how long until we see...

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This is a good thing, right?

[After Gutenberg] Kurzweil tells us that a “U.S. communications company, Sanswire, plans to deliver line-of-sight wireless broadband and mobile phone signals to an area the size of Texas from a ‘Stratellite.’ These geostationary, robotic airships, hovering at 65,000 feet above the Earth, will provide the low latency required for realtime birectional communications that is not available with satellites because of their distance.”

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Funniest acknowledgment mail [P.S.:] Dear Dr. Pietro, Thank you for sending us your review. Your contribution to Artificial Life is greatly appreciated. you’re a rockstar. ciaociao...

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