> February 10, 2007

Mimicking how the brain recognizes street scenes [ Perfectly Reasonable Deviations] At last, neuroscience is having an impact on computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). For the first time, scientists in Tomaso Poggio’s laboratory at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT applied a computational model of how the brain processes visual information to a complex, real world task: recognizing the objects in a busy street scene.

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Powerset in NY Times, Venturebeat [Will.Whim] The company I work for, Powerset, is being written up in the New York Times and Venturebeat, both reporting on a deal between Powerset and PARC. The New York Times article (behind a registration wall, alack) mostly follows the storied arc of the Palo Alto Research Center, where the graphical user interface and ethernet were born but capitalized on more by rivals rather than its original owner, Xerox.

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