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[iPhone and iPod Touch Application Reviews] is a fast paced airplane racing game. There are two different types of games to choose from, either Quick Flight or Season Mode.

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[Gamertell] Apple App Store gaming update for the week of January 26 ...: “Circuit Defenders is a fast paced Tower Defense style game, where your challenge is to defend computer circuits from attacking virus armies that are infiltrating the circuits via the communications port.” ....

[Graduating Engineers | Latest Articles in artificial intelligence] Graduating Engineer » Articles » Jobs Off the Beaten Track: Although Ramanata was appointed to Team Rahal through his work with the Ford Racing Group, that’s not the only avenue to career opportunities with professional racing teams. First, there are several racing divisions, such as NASCAR, Indy Racing League (IRL) and Formula One, each with a different type of track and car that demand different engineering skills and performance.

[Technology Evangelist: Comments] Killer App Expo - Ray Kurzweil - Technology Evangelist: Will doubling every year, is this exponential growth as multiplying by a 1,000 in 10 years, a billion in 30 years, so I figured that in the 1990s, there should be $20 million is going to 40 million to 80 million to 160 million and would be a world wide communication that so I described something like the world wide web, not by that name, emerging in the mid 1990s that was resoundly criticized in the 80s when only a couple of 1,000 scientists were using this very unreliable and very low bandwidth Darpen net but it came out right on schedule, the first reference of the world wide web in New York Times was late 1993, and so the Chess supercomputers doubling in power every year that added 40 points every year to the Chess score of these computers because the Chess score is a logarithmic scale so as they got exponentially better, it added 40 points that put across over in 1998, so I predicted a computer will take the World Chess Championship in 1998 in mid 80s that seemed absurd when the average Chess player could beat the best Chess machines, and then in 93, Kasparov, the Chess champion was asked about my prediction and he said “That’s ridiculous. I’ve played the best Chess machines in the world and they’re pathetic, they’re predictable, they’re brittle, there’s no way they’ll ever touch me.” And he had that confidence based on what he saw and people mostly based their expectations on what they see and not really taking in the consideration this exponential growth, well, if it was a true observation in 93, they saw it passed them in 97.

[Ain't It Cool News - The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.] AICN Anime News Update -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie ...: Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti's lightning-paced, road-movie, fairy-tale follows the adventures of two young runaways, Malu and Jorgito, as they embark on a rollicking odyssey from the streets and schools of Havana across the length of the island by train, bus, car, motorcycle, oxcart, and on foot, in search of Malu's father. Filmed with Amelie-style whimsy and brimming with visual humor, Viva Cuba has charmed and captivated festival-goers from London to Toronto to Cannes, and was Cuba's official entry to the 2006 Academy Awards.

[Loving Wii Forums - Wii Game Saves] IGN: NBA Live 08 Review - Loving Wii Forums - Wii Game Saves: NBA Live 08 offers the FIBA World Championship, an eight-team tournament that pits the mighty USA against the rest of the world (even though Team USA doesn't feature Kobe Bryant as it should), there's Quick Pick Play where players can pick any ten players for a one-game experience - think fantasy draft, but only for one game - and there's Scenario Play where you can set several conditions like time left on the clock, quarter, and score and try and claim victory for your favorite team.

[Gamertell] Apple App Store gaming update for the week of December 14-21, 2008 ...: “OobitsLite is a new puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The objective in the game is to select groups of “oobits” (square crystal cells), in a cross of 5, using the touch capabilities of the iPhone, and move the selected cells in the grid, swapping them with a set of cells in a new location, trying to form a horizontal or vertical chain, which will disappear, leaving a gap.

[Predators Top Stories] Nashville Predators - Features: Predators Prowl with Tom Callahan ...: Hence, if the Blues lose one game in regulation and the Predators win Friday night, Nashville gets the tie break and the Blues can only tie the Predators at a possible 90 points. Also, Anaheim could fall out, but for the Predators to end up with any sort of win there, the Ducks have to get overtime points or less in the next two games against Dallas and Phoenix.

[GROAN's blog] groanblog: "Steroids for Poker" - The First Performance Enhancing ...: Conscious that this type of feeling and fast-play also occurs when drunk or NOT thinking straight, I had some concerns that Modafinil might be adversely affecting my game, but the distinct difference was that I was able to truly calculate the variables and run it through many logical gates as I normally would, and could not do under the influence of alcohol. My thinking was crystal clear, focused, and because of my seemingly magical new ability to highly predict others’ actions (due to concentrating hard on their play) as never before, seemed abnormally fast as I was able to determine variables and crunch them in thought, ready to act as soon as I had to.

[Formula 1] Has the 2009 FIA regulations improved Formula 1? | Formula 1 Take Vettel for instance, not sure he wouldn’t have been in the running last year if it wasn’t for his Torro Rosso being way off pace compared to Hamilton’s or Massa’s cars. That said, I would hate for F1 to become a spec series because outside of Sunday afternoon’s races there would be nothing left (and I think Bernie knows that as well).

[blog maverick] NBA Balls”¦. « blog maverick: The new composite NBA Game Ball is the result of years of extensive research and development, and is an improvement to the leather ball in both its consistency across a range of dimensions and its playability. Over the 8-year development period for the ball, we subjected the new ball to all manner of tests to ensure that it would meet the NBA’s rigorous set of specifications relating to weight, rebound, circumference, balance, roundness, grip (coefficient of friction), air retention, and durability.

[drive blog] drive blog: DaimlerChrysler: History of a failed merger: NHRA - When did we have this argument? Still it wouldnt surprise me - Afterall Dodge/Chrysler petitioned to have the C3 L71/L72/L88/L89 Corvette's banned claiming they were in a different category - Do you think they would have done this if they (Dodge/Chrysler)had been winning?

[JohnKCoyle's Weblog] Torino #8: Racing, Partying & Parting « JohnKCoyle's Weblog: The one that Picabo, and Shani, and Chad, and Mario Cipollini, and Arakawa, and Bode, and former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani and Bradbury, and Dan and Ted and the Izykowski’s had come to watch, along with as many athletes as could find standing room up in the athlete section – the 5000m mens relay gold medal match.

[drive blog] drive blog: 2007 Bathurst 1000 - a dead-set cracker: As for Channel 07, very disapointed in their coverage, oh wait I should be saying I'm disapointed in V8 Supercars Television production team (all Seven did was handle the announcing and interviewing, V8SCTV did the production work), it was basically watching the last 10 years of Ch 10 stuffing up the camera angles and botching production values, that said Cahnnel 07 did not insert as many ads that Ch 10 used to and kudos to Seven for showing the entire last 1/2 hour of the race commercial free (someone at Seven must of been sacked for that today, as for being disapointed, their history packages were virtually nill, no mention of the 1997 Bathurst 1000 (the real one the Super Touring) or 1998 Bathurst 1000 (again Super Touring) let alone any of the 1981 to 1996 bathurst 1000 history packages to get people back up to speed that seven did in fact broadcast motorsport for all those years, all we got was 1977 (three times) and the 1971 (again 3 times) history packages all weekend long.

[Blog Maverick] Wanted - New TV Show Ideas « blog maverick: Why not talk about it now at the water bottle dispenser and have them ask each other things like, \”wow look at the night life there and the beautiful women, wow they talk and act just like my American friends\”, wow look at the Call Centers there as they are so professional with college graduates and beautiful and well organized Call Centers\”, \”wow look how many foreigners live here or visit here\”, wow look at the road trips Americans get to go on because there so close from the Philippines\”, wow they have Philippine Idol, Philippines Big Brother, Deal or no Deal, etc. wow look at the cost of a sweedish massage there and look how hard they work, it cost $ 6 US ( 1.5 hours)as it cost over $100 in the states, wow they have all the U.S restaurants and stores there, wow they have people that pump your gas for you\”, wow they you can order McDonald\’s and they come right to your house\”, wow look at the differece between a Filipino and American girl on how they treat a man, Wow it is liek N.Y there, I can keep on with the WOWS.

[Zaadz: Michael's Blog] Multiple Entries by Michael Whelan ”” Gaia Community: Two days after the rescue efforts ended and the full-scale recovery and cleanup began, Michael Burton, executive deputy commissioner of the Design and Construction Department, warned one of the companies in a letter that the city would fire individual workers or companies "if the highest level of efficiency is not maintained."

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